SeeHorse™ is a wearable equine monitoring device which is designed to be placed comfortably almost anywhere on your horse, it can be used anywhere, at anytime, no matter what. SeeHorse™ works around the clock to continuously scan and display real-time data and build you an ongoing history of your horse’s vital signs.

Who we help

  • Owners
  • Vets
  • Breeders
  • Trainers
  • And More


SeeHorse™ enhances horsemanship and training and conditioning efforts by:


SeeHorse™ helps improve traditional foaling care by:


SeeHorse™ helps prevent injuries and speed up recovery time by:

The SeeHorse

Set Up Your
SeeHorse™ Device

  • Offering a complete health and activity tracking package to allow consistent and automated rather than manual monitoring of improvements
  • Tracking respiratory capacity levels after training, showing recovery time and fitness levels
  • Monitoring and tracking light activity to encourage healthy pregnancy
  • Continuously scanning temperature and stress levels to accurately predict foaling time
  • Keeping all stakeholders connected and able to remotely monitor the health of the mare while pregnant, as well as that of the foal after birth
  • Scanning for temperature, heart rate and respiratory capacity as manifestations of fatigue, stress, illness or overheating
  • Assisting vets in post-injury recovery efforts through continuous scanning of vital signs accessible remotely